Benefits of Hiring a Finance Professional

We believe you should have the ability to hire a financial advisor of your own choosing!
Unfortunately, if your financial advisor does not have a relationship with your employer, they are at a disadvantage when providing you with investment management services for your employer-sponsored retirement account. Retirement Management Systems helps you and your financial advisor overcome this disadvantage.

Ask your financial advisor to team with Retirement Management Systems – a specialist in the strategic management of defined contribution accounts.

Seeking help with managing investments has been shown to be beneficial. An annual study by Financial Engines and AON Hewitt found that people who sought help, either through a pre-constructed portfolio, an advisor-managed portfolio, or online advice had more positive performance than people who did not seek help.*

*The annual investment performance gap between Help Participants and Non-Help Participants was 3.2%, net of fees. “Help in Defined Contribution Plans: 2006 to 2012” Financial Engines and AON Hewitt (2014)

Personal financial advisors can provide the expertise, financial guidance, and personal relationship that may lead to a high level of comfort that you will achieve your retirement goals.

Retirement Management Systems is committed to delivering disciplined allocation and rebalancing strategies alongside superior service.

  • A methodology that has been field-tested for more than thirty years.
  • More than $1 billion of defined contribution assets under management (12/31/19).
  • Managing accounts within more than 700 employer-sponsored retirement plans.